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Intercontinental Aviation Organization is a leading innovative multinational aviation conglomerate.
Together with our partners, we seek to reimagine and reinvent the aviation industry.

Intercontinental Aviation Organization is one of the strongest and most advanced aeronautics companies that offers a flight for every mission.

Throughout the years, we have cemented our global presence in the world of aviation and other sectors of worldwide business. We have developed progress, assisted in management and development, and acted as an advisor for guidance. We are a pillar of support for our associates and partners. We not only foster change and improvement, but we are also driven to revolutionize the world of aviation.

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to be the world’s number one multinational aviation conglomerate

Intercontinental Aviation Organization strives to become the world’s number one multinational aviation conglomerate by inspiring individuals to discover, invest, and do business in the aviation industry in a socially responsible way. We endlessly pursue excellence to help shape the future of aviation while maintaining values that reflect our company and unite us with our intercontinental community.


to create the most innovative global aviation conglomerate

Our aviation organization’s mission is to create the most innovative global aviation conglomerate by employing advanced technologies to reinvent methods shrouded in tradition using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Currently we have an extensive network that spans 11 countries and 3 continents and with a development plan to grow the number of countries as we grow. We continue to hold ourselves to the highest of standards in the aviation industry and continue to act as pilots guiding you through your journey and as stewards attending to the needs of our partners.

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IAO operates one of the most exclusive airways aviation industries worldwide. Airways Aviation Organization is an internationally acclaimed flight school paving the way for future pilots. Our aviation academy provides a modern yet highly academic approach using the latest of technologies, knowledge, procedures, and methods to prep students to take off on their journey of flight. It is an internationally recognized flight training school that graduates highly qualified pilots carrying private pilot licenses and other prominent accreditations that are approved by EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency.
We have established highly accredited aviation academies such as ESMA in France, North Fly in Turkey, and Beirut Wings in Lebanon that all provide an upstanding education, knowledge, experience, and certification in flight training.

aviation Marketing AGENCY

IAO comprises of a team of digital and social media experts with global experience. We have worked with some of the world’s most notable companies to adhere their digital foot-print. Thus, we have taken this knowledge and applied it to the aviation sector. Our diligent team continues to optimize their marketing approach by creating and customizing unique campaigns that suit individual needs and maximize marketing response in return.
Our creative process begins by understanding our clients’ needs and tailoring strategies using our expertise that meet their expectations. As a marketing team, we thrive in building a strong relationship with our associates, manufacturing successful products and campaigns, and producing an overall thrilling outcome. Our dedicated team oversees and manages the entire process to ensure satisfaction whether in the coveted aviation industry or a wide variety of other sectors.


IAO has developed a powerful global portal that provides business-critical information, predictive intelligence, and connections to the global aerospace and airline aviation businesses. We are committed to creating exceptional customer service within the aviation industry. We aim to ease transactions and deliver quality information that suit the needs of our community. Our organization leaps together to better improve the world of aviation as a whole.
We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong connection to the global aerospace, airline, defense, space, and business in aviation. Our organization has the insight and technique it takes to ensure an environment where we can see the aviation industry take flight. We ensure that vital information is highly secured but accessible to our associates and build a solid foundation of business principles.

Business support

Intercontinental Aviation Organization proudly works closely together with the aviation sector along with other related divisions. Within our partners, we have expanded into the fields of consultation, marketing,training, investment, and more to support our clients in business. We have gained recognition for our support and leadership. We have united across all these fields because of our dedication to helping individuals, businesses, and communities enhance their operations and structure.
In the aviation industry, we learn to take control and responsibility as we lead passengers from destination to destination. It is now a privilege for our organization to take on new passengers from different sectors and guide their companies into a new horizon of prospects and achievements. As we pilot your careers and businesses, we leap together into a new beginning.


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we work with the best flight training schools

Airways Aviation
aviation training

From entry-level theory to the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), no stone is left unturned when it comes to preparing students for a life-long career in aviation.

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Beirut wings
flight school

Founded in 2006, Beirut Wings has gained recognition as one of the leading aviation flight training organizations throughout the Middle East.

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Aviation Training france

The only multidisciplinary school in Europe to cover almost all aeronautical training, from the Airline Pilot to the Air Hostess, including Maintenance and Airport Trades.

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