Intercontinental Aviation Organization seeks to build the industry into the world’s leading operation of work.

we have expanded into a diversity of divisions

Our platform provides a direct link to a wide variety of relationships with different sectors in the aviation industry. We seek to create new positions and fields for any type of aviation aficionado whether it be from a pilot to airport personnel. We proudly serve the same goals, missions, and passion with our esteemed associates.
IAO holdings works closely with other divisions to train, educate, market, consult, and establish airports, airlines, aviation organization, and aviation academies. It is in our nature to create a prosperous relationship with the companies and communities around us to further enhance the aviation industry to the fullest.

No matter what your goal, we work to see all of your dreams come to life whether from the ground, in an office, or in the sky.

Come shape the future of aviation with us !

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